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Joni Ricketts


Orlando-based resouLuna Advanced Aesthetic Therapy, which opened in spring 2016, uses advanced nonsurgical procedures to provide superior aesthetic results for men and women. Founder Joni Ricketts launched resouLuna to provide customized treatment plans that promote patients' vitality. A second location opens soon in Gainesville, Florida.

The Mistake:

Thinking I can do everything without help.

This is recent. I was here at the spa cleaning the store. It was probably about 6 in the morning. And I was cleaning, charting on patients in between, paying bills and ordering printer cartridges. And a patient had called and wanted me to help him. And I thought to myself, I am not using my gift the way it should be used. I thought I can’t do it all alone. It takes a village.

I couldn’t help [the patient] when I wanted to because of all these other things. It was just black and white to me that I need to do what I do the best and delegate the things that I don’t do best. I was too concerned about what other people think than doing what is right. As an entrepreneur, I thought you have to do everything. 

I couldn’t help [the patient] when I wanted to because of all these other things.

The Lesson:

I have to kind of remind myself to delegate – like with checkout. If I’m bringing a patient up front and someone gets caught up in something else, I’ll say, “I’ve got it.” But no, I don’t have it because I need to see who needs care. 

I’ve been doing these weekly educational sessions for small groups, and that’s not only giving me focus, but it reminds you of the "why" you’re doing things. It’s like that Pavlov’s reward. When you see people grasping the knowledge, it’s rewarding. I think, "I’ve got to be doing this, and I love the way this feels when people get it.” 

Starting a business can seem like such a huge, abstract concept, and I’m involved with every element of it. But when I’m working with people one-on-one, it doesn’t seem like work. And it reminds me of why I started resouLuna in the first place. Absolutely.

So [going forward] I’m going to try to "trust but verify." I’ll always be verifying that things are being done accordingly. But there’s also a feeling of, “I got this” when you surround yourself with people who are helpful and who also see the vision.​

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Photo courtesy of Joni Ricketts

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