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Yana Nesterova


Two-year-old B-rollStock is an Orlando-based stock agency that provides royalty-free, prepackaged b-roll footage, as well as custom b-roll services.

The Mistake:

In Moscow, I was an account director in a marketing agency. I had one big client, Nestlé and [its brand] Gerber. I was doing it for a long time, and it was a huge project, but I didn’t want to share or to get any assistance because bonuses were based on profits. And if you hire assistants, that means you have to pay for them and all that. I didn’t want to do that because, basically, I wanted all my money.

And that ended up not [going] very well. It was such a big project, and it was obviously for a team and not for one person – not even a professional one.

I ended up having something like a nervous breakdown. It was so bad, I ran to Bali for vacation and sent my resignation letter from there. I stayed there for a whole year. It was that bad.

Doing that meant there was way less stress on me.

The Lesson:

I learned from my mistakes. I realized that you should delegate. You should learn how to delegate. Even if those people [currently] do the work worse than you, you should start teaching them. Make them decision-makers, as well. Otherwise, they’re never going to learn. Part of delegating is teaching others what you know.

Doing that meant there was way less stress on me and on my body. I didn’t want to go through that again.

So today with B-rollStock, I know that even though my employees may not be as involved as I am that delegating to them is still something I should do. And that’s how you can actually find the right people for your project.

Because if you seek out [staffers] to share in the work, they balance the workload with you and you get something even better. And you learn you should invest in them – with your money, your knowledge, your time, and everything.

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